What we are/what we aren’t

Out of the gate, we want to say a few things that we are and aren’t. (More like what we want and would rather not be)

WE ARE: (common threads between us)

  • Passionate women and men whose strength is the tie that binds us in our relationships.
  • Driven to create success in every corner of our lives; our career, health and wealth, our relationships and friendships and most importantly,with our relationship with our self.
  • Independent – a sense of independence is important when creating success with someone in this industry.


the place you to go when you need to hear a funny story (or need to get something off your chest)

  1. the place to learn how someone else got through it. (for example, how one got through those initial years of dating, getting used to the hours/holidays,etc…)
  • the place to connect with someone in your own town to go out with while your man or woman is working!
  • the place where you can pick up a new tool to add to your existing tool bag when moving from one chapter to another (dating, marriage, children, etc…)


  • the place where you find out what chef is at what restaurant, and how the food tastes. There are great restaurant reviewers out there that can give their take on their culinary experiences.

    *While we know there are many of you who ARE foodies, there are SO MANY WEBSITES that are already dedicated to what makes a good dish. This site is for US, the MAIN dish! *

  • a place to critique and access others’ restaurants, food, products

Hopefully you are right with us and can hop on and off where you need to!