Declaring our Purpose

Sharing. Balance. Self-awareness.

The mission and purpose of Married to a Chef is:

To marinate with like-minded individuals, seeking to increase their appetite for co-creating balance and self awareness.

Key Ingredients

  • setting intentions
  • understanding how we think affects our experience
  • practicing self care rituals
  • a taste of confidence becoming masterful trusting our gut
  • resonating and aligning with those in our village while biting off the time and energy to turn up the heat in our relationships
  • devour our passions and whip up that gratifying dish worthy of manifesting unlimited abundance and freedom to be enjoyed while drinking in every sip of living an inspired life!

Two Primary Goals:

First and foremost ~ To create community. (or a village as I like to call it!)

You’ve heard the saying “It takes a village…… Well, I believe that it takes a village to successfully maneuver in and out of this world that can be, at times, mysterious and sometimes unrelenting. (Especially if you’re not in the industry yourself.)

I know that there are some of you who have already dated, married and had children with your restaurant man or woman. And at the same time, there are some of us that are just starting out and could use some of your wisdom or an inspiring piece of advice. Wherever you are – it is my intention to collectively share our experiences, our ‘red flags’ and our ‘a ha’ moments so someone whose now in your shoes could take away and learn from them, and in turn, you can read about and learn from others experiences.

Theres a “Pay it Forward” mentality over here at Married to a Chef.

And, yes, while it’s challenging for sure, it can also be exciting and fun! I want to share the fun times too, and the funny times (because there are a lot of these too!). It can be SO easy to stay focused on how hard this relationship is, that I am dedicated to being a reminder that you are NOT a victim and you (and your relationship) are stronger than you think you are.

Secondly, ~We are here to arm you.~ (no, not THAT kinda arm, silly!)

Arm you with the tools and exercises needed to help you get thru those challenging moments. When we exercise, we use muscles we usually don’t use. Same here, when we start to practice using techniques to center and focus us, at first it might not be comfortable. It takes some dedication (some grit and moxie!) and some SASS (yes, I said sass)… But I know you can do it!

And (BONUS!) You can lean on your village when it seems a little too far reaching. Knowing you’re not the only one is the key to you getting through it! How about that?

Isn’t that what made you come here in the first place?