pass the baton

March 9, 2011 in Everybody Else, Favorites

tack04 by tim_lytvinenko

So this is not your typical team/relationship you’re in. Figured that out yet?

Yea no. It’s not the type of team where you’re all playing at the SAME TIME. Like Volleyball, or Basketball.


This relationship is like a being on a track team and running a relay.

Each person on this team has their individual personal best to make. One person hands off to the next and they GO. If you look at this photo, both people are looking in the same direction. One is not looking at the other. The one whose grabbing the baton would lose their footing if they turned to look at the person behind. They have to TRUST that they are coming up behind them and that their teammate is going to hand it right to them.

The one is waiting, anticipating the arrival of the baton.  The other is running as fast as they can to meet the other person. To “hand off” as they say.

That’s what this relationship is like.  One person runs, does their personal best and hands off to the next while both reaching forward. They both know that it’s up to the individual person to do all they can to win. (And when they win they win together as a team) That’s also where we get tripped up if we don’t know what type of team we’re joining. We get lost in ‘he/she doesn’t make time for me, or puts their job first,etc… when yes, that’s the sort of team you joined.

He or she comes home and ‘hands off’ to you. On their day off, you ‘hand off’ responsibilities and goals to them. It’s a back and forth kind of joining. Here’s the kicker…

…in this type of team, you’re not going to be running together.

If you need that type of teamwork, then this might not be the kind of team/relationship you will find success in. (And that’s okay!) Success in this team is a knowing that we will be standing there, what seems like alone, seeking out our own personal best – but they ARE there, doing their best to meet you where you are, and when you reach out behind you, you feel them close.  Then they support you when you are running, and the cycle of support continues. You, them, you, them.

No, in this team you each do what you can to be your best, do your best KNOWING that the strength of your team is that moment when you ‘hand off’. You don’t look back, you just know they will be there. You TRUST.

Yea.. it takes practice. Anything worth having takes practice. And the resilience to know we’re all going to have a bad day.

How does this feel? If it makes you feel good, that you can relax knowing how to maneuver within the parameters of this relationship more, Congrats! If it doesn’t make you feel good, almost makes you curl your lip in disgust. No matter! We all need different types of teams to feel supported. It’s good information, don’t you think, that you can make valued decisions with.

If this sounds exciting to you, let me ask you – HOW can you meet your personal best to be the BEST teammate on a winning team? Whats your dreams? Your goals? How can you go for them knowing that your other half, your partner – WILL be there when you reach out your hand?