Whew! Now the real work begins!

February 16, 2011 in Coping

from Jen at Bits of Truth

Welcome lovelies…

We’re so glad you are with us. See, we KNEW the need was there. We are OVER THE MOON that all our hard work was worth it!!! Please make yourselves at home here!

So….with that said; how was your Valentines Day? End up solo… sitting on the couch watching TV? Maybe go out with a single girlfriend to his restaurant or stay home with your children? I’m sure most of you had some variance between these… and, if you were able to be with your man/woman that day… consider yourself lucky! *my husband surprised me by coming home around 9:30 that evening. I wasn’t expecting him in till at least midnight!*

That’s the thing.. it’s not a ‘typical’ relationship we’re in. We find that out quickly from DAY ONE. The holidays and the weekends. The long hours. We find out QUICK if this is something we can maneuver around. (alright let me clarify, we may find out quick what it’s like, but most of the time it takes a good while to understand if this works for us, wouldn’t you say?)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that YOU (the 9-5’r whose skirting the outskirts of your other halfs world) are the one in the relationship who needs to know whats happening at all times. I wouldn’t go so far as to say you’re a planner but who knows.. maybe you are. That’s the thing about this type of relationship, these men and women that are connected to us… they are PASSIONATE and LIVE in the moment! Living life ‘on the line’ means dishes come and dishes go and within 3.5-5 minutes.. it’s over. It’s time to move on to what’s next. If that philosophy sounds like Japanese to you, TRUST me you are NOT alone. Many of us significant others are the ‘back of the house’ in our relationships for a reason! We keep them tethered to the ground! *and they need this grounding, whether they realize it or not.*

To the same degree.. we need them to help us know when to LOOSEN our grasp from that tether. To have permission to let our hair down and realize it’s going to be okay!

Sound familiar?

Not as easy at it seems at times, I know. That’s okay, that’s why we’re here!

Let me ask you a question.. I want you to remember the last time that you did something ‘on the fly’. Pick up and go. Maybe you decided to take a road trip to surprise a girlfriend. Maybe you thought ‘I want to go see this movie, I’m just going to go now!’ Maybe (ooh this one I think resonates with all of us) you were at the store, found something you loved and just KNEW you had to buy it. How did that feel? Close your eyes and visualize how it felt to just BE in the moment. How did it change your day, even that moment you were in?

THAT is what your significant other feels most of the time. He or she cannot look with too much foresight because when the dish is gone.. it’s gone! That’s why they’re so wound up whenever they get home… they’re coming home on the wave that just got them thru the past 10-12 hours. What a RUSH!

How does knowing that, shift how you can relate to them? How can you bring that philosphy into your life more, to live in the moment more? Maybe show your other half that you can too, live in the moment perhaps? (You just choose not to live there permanently.)

For the record~ it’s okay if what you feel when you think of that spontaneity is fear. That’s all that you’ve been taught for as long as you can remember. “Don’t touch that, you can’t do that.. you’ll (get hurt,be irresponsible,lose your job,etc..).” It’s okay if you’re feeling that.. I give you permission to push PAST that for the moment and spend the next few minutes diving into the pool of living on the fly….

Makes you want to go out and do something fun, doesn’t it? What’s stopping you?