Blog sponsorship information

While there are restaurants, restauranteurs, chefs, cooks, servers, bartenders, dishwashers, purveyors, and ALL their significant others in every part of the world, we are still a part of a small community. Yes, our reach is broad, but our support can be limited by our geographic region.

Part of my vision for Married to a Chef has always been to connect you to other aspects of the industry,  from all over the world.  What better way to help each other, (and pay it forward) than with an opportunity to sponsor restaurants, purveyors, products,etc… anything that revolves within or around the industry as a whole. With the blog being the most immediate way to share our message, being a sponsor is a way to highlight who you are, where you are and what you have to offer.

*And if you are reading this thinking, “But I want to contact the chef, not the chefs wife!”, don’t you think the best way to get to these restaurant men and women is through their significant others?

Answer: Yes.

With so many wonderful restaurants and chefs, sommeliers, wineries, suppliers,  farmers, and their AMAZING significant others, we have enough sponsorship to last a lifetime!

Currently, we are being read in over NINETY (90)  countries.

That is seriously a WIDE net of support! It is my mission to begin to bring us together, and offering sponsorship is just one way to do that!

I am now offering sponsorship opportunities on the right sidebar of the Married to a Chef  blog.

Monthly Sponsorship Cost:

  • $30 per month
  • Three months at a time: $25/month {total = $75}
  • Payment via Paypal is best although other arrangements can be discussed.

Image Requirements:

  • 200w x 250-300h (MAX)  pixel jpeg image (No Flash please)
  • URL you want the image to direct to

If interested, please email me at

Once we both agree to terms (how long you want to be sponsored),  I will send you an invoice before the 1st of the month for payment (or we can arrange automatic payment) , which will be accepted through Paypal ( Payment must be received by the 5th of each month. No refunds can be made after payment has been received.

There is no contract involved – you may stay for one month or as many months as you wish! These terms will be agreed upon before submitting an invoice. (So we’re both on the same page.)

I reserve the right to change sponsorship details (current sponsors would receive notice and the offer to continue with new requirements or not), and cannot guarantee any number of clicks or provide details/reports to sponsors.

I look forward to supporting you and your other halfs dreams!