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Along with learning the five mother sauces…we’re talking Work/Life Balance.

Before they become professional working chefs, they are students. Doe eyed and bushy tailed, learning skills and techniques to help make their culinary aspirations come true.

Quickly finding out what life is like… on the line. The long hours, the building of their reputation… expanding their knowledge of ingredients and how to use them.

They are working hard to be the best at what they do so they can go on and become great in their field.


*that’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Kerilyn Russo… creator and resident life coach of Married to a Chef.

As someone who has married into this industry, I know exactly how challenging it can be to find the balance between reaching for their dreams and thriving  in their relationships. Not just with significant others, but with their family and friends… becoming a chef means all the rules change. Noone is talking to these passionate men and women how to make life work when their not in their whites.

*That is… noone but me.

Most likely, these soon to be chefs and restauranteurs will enter their first restaurant without knowing how to integrate their passion for food with the rest of their lives, which can lead to confusion, depression, even possible substance abuse.

Let me be the first to say, from my perspective,  it’s not easy being a chef. Standing on your feet all day, the hot kitchen, long hours, working days or weeks at a time, the fast paced environment… not to mention the complete misconception with mainstream media and your everyday patrons who have absolutely NO idea what it’s really like… managing all that can be a full time job.


As a certified life coach, it has become my mission (and obsession) to help not only the wives and husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends of these culinary women understand their value but to go in and TAP THE ROOT of where this all begins.

Where they get their start… in culinary school.


  • Understanding the five KEY values in order to THRIVE in your restaurant relationship.
  • Lost in Translation: How to find a common ground when communicating with your other half.
  • When the clogs come off – Finding healthy ways to decompress after your shift.
  • Business vs. Foodie Restaurant – Is there REALLY a difference?
  • Healthy Chefs, Happy Chefs – Creating healthy eating habits on and off the line.
  • Taking off the cape – How to create a smooth transition between work and home.
  • Handling conflict: 10 tips on how to avoid saying, “You knew what you got yourself into”
  • Carving out Sacred Time – How to create quality time on your day off.

*I can also create a specialized topic that is geared for the audience or the challenge at hand.


  • Because I have seen the result of not having clear work/life balance skills in many restaurant relationships. I know it is not easy to be in relationship with these restaurant men/women. Resentment and confusion are the primary results of not having balance. I want to help prevent it from getting to that point.
  • Because I feel SO PASSIONATELY about how AMAZING these men and women whose purpose is to create delicious works of art are. I want to remind them how amazing they are and how they can create that same passion in their everyday life.
  • Because I also know AMAZING the men and women who connect with someone in this industry are, and I feel almost OBSESSED to help Significant Others feel heard.
  • Because I have discovered the *sweet spot* in the intersection of this relationship (someone in, someone out of the industry) and want to share it with the world.
  • Because as a coach, I know how to take someone from where they ARE… to where they want to be.
  • Because while admittedly, I am not in the industry myself… I have seen, first hand, the challenges that most chefs face and want to take their hand to help guide them.
  • MOSTLY… because I’m not afraid to say the hard stuff.  I know the only way to create change is to recognize where the change needs to occur. Even if it stings.

FINALLY… Because if I don’t… WHO WILL?

I feel SO passionately about being the voice to bridge the gap between those in the industry.. and those who are connected to it that I KNOW I can help create new and healthy habits for these Epicurean men and women to create a life that is BEYOND their wildest culinary dreams.


I am currently looking for THREE (3) interested culinary schools as a pilot program to test my program and gather data.

For more information on the pilot program – feel free to print additional information  HERE.

If not, but you want to find another way to work this into the curriculum, Contact me to inquire about logistics and fee structure. With a little more information (when/where/how large the crowd/budget/etc…) and what type of talk I will be giving (keynote, guest speaker (classroom setting), small group workshop) I assure you we can help create vital change in the lives of those who make our lives more delicious.

Still have questions?

Email speaking@marriedtoachef.com

Help me, help these men and women understand how AMAZING they are and that with a little understanding… they can soar to dizzing heights.. both in their kitchens and in their everyday life!