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 “Meeting and working with Kerilyn as my coach has been one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself.  I ‘found’ her while stumbling around trying to make sense of myself and my relationship with my chef boyfriend.  After acquainting myself with her on her website, there was no question in my mind that I wanted her to be my life coach.  From our very first introductory session, I knew I had met a treasure of a woman.  Kerilyn is insanely empathetic – she truly has a gift of seeing and hearing who YOU are. She knows how to listen, ask pertinent questions, comfort, challenge, guide – just be there for you in a way that I truly needed.  I cannot really put into words how helpful she has been to me in sorting out my feelings, my path forward, and being an unbiased listener.  She doesn’t just nod and smile and send me on my way with pat cliches…  I have had real work to do while working with her – but she has held my hand so to speak every step of the way.  I am really excited to keep working with her.  She helps me to tap into the essence of me as I strive to live my fullest life possible.  Thank you Kerilyn for living out your life, sharing your gifts, and showing us how we can live out ours.” – Ruth Baldwin

Kerilyn has a natural ability to connect with people immediately and she made me feel like we’d been friends for years.  Actually I felt more comfortable opening up to her than some of my own friends for a few reasons – I knew I wasn’t been judged and most importantly as a “significant other” she totally understood.

By asking the right questions, Kerilyn enables YOU to find the answers… it all seems sooo much easier when you have someone helping you, guiding you through your emotional maze. 

I instantly feel in love with her work and have a deep admiration for her ability to make me be REALLY HONEST with MYSELF.  In doing so, Kerilyn showed me the strength that was (and is) within me.  She gave me the tools to work through the issues I faced – for which I will eternally grateful. 

She truly is an AMAZING WOMAN and I am truly appreciative that the world brought us together when it did….   If I could send her a hug from the other side of the world – I would. xo. – CP, Australia


“Yep. OWNING MY BIGNESS. Probably the most profound concept and gift I received,
working with Permission Granted Life Coach, Kerilyn Russo.

You see, Ms. Kerilyn is amazing. Period. Full STOP. In addition to being an extraordinary listener, she is rather playful, and witty, and hilarious.
Yet she is serious about helping you get out of your way in the most kind,
sincere, generous, gentle, compassionate, fierce, ass-kicking of ways.

Wise… did I mention she’s wise? Oh I could go on and on. In short SHE ROCKS.

Enter Kerilyn. One part lion tamer, one part magician,
one part cheer-leader, one part bestie, one part locksmith,
all parts open hearted beauty.

She had the keys to inspiring me out of my stuckness.

You see, Kerilyn had the most amazing way of teasing out the crux of my stagnation,
allowing MY essence to cascade through.

She held a sacred space allowing and encouraging me to be my
most authentic and best self.
In that setting I was finally able to give myself permission to be
the truest, most beautiful version of me, letting my essence,
that is to say, my heart, my soul, the purest aspects of myself BEAM!!

For I am a divine spark from the Uni-verse, and I give myself PERMISSION to act like it!”
– Jacqueline A.

“Kerilyn has a heart of gold. She has a stellar ability to see where her clients are
and help them stop over thinking
and start taking action.
I highly recommend Kerilyn to anyone who is tired of being stumped by paralysis by analysis.”
– ChaChanna S.

“Kerilyn empower clients to overcome obstacles and reach their goals in order to create
successful, enriched and fulfilling lives.
I can speak to her “presence” in her role and her ability to bring out the best in others.
She is a very intuitive listener, asks evocative questions, and champions her clients’
efforts and achievements.
She has acquired the rare skill of holding the client’s agenda and co-creating
desirable outcomes for the clients she works with.

She has my highest recommendation.”
– John C.

“As a life coach, she is inspirational, methodical and results driven.
She is trained to establish direction and can assist in setting goals.
Her passion for helping others along with her ability to instinctively connect,
makes her the most conscientious person I know.”

– Roxanne A.

“Her ability to hone in on a person’s needs and facilitate understanding
in how to move forward is remarkable.

Kerilyn distills the issue down to its most finite point and returns
to the original goal, all without being overly
directive or
probing as to the means of achieving this objective.”

-Liz T.  

“You know, she surprised me. And it wasn’t that I had low expectations, but an hour on the phone with a stranger is not really that long. For her to have me cornered, in a good way, that fast, was pretty impressive. And she got me to commit to doing something based on the intuitive hits I was getting, which is great.

Our call left me with a page of notes. Insights. Actions. Questions. It left me aching for a hug or at least a warm blanket because of how exposed I felt. We joked that the process was like peeling an onion. The answers and insights I needed are in there, but the layers sting an itch when they’re being peeled back. My toes tap and my shoulders wriggle in anxious discomfort. There’s that naked, vulnerable feeling. And most of the peeling is done by me.”
-Karo K

In one word, Kerilyn is EXTRAORDINARY!  She has an amazing ability to ask deep, thought provoking questions, which lead you to uncover truths, and beautiful parts of yourself you may have forgotten about or didn’t know existed.  
Through my connection with her, I’ve strengthened my connection with myself.  
I am a better me than I’d be without her in my life.  Thank you Kerilyn!
-Laura H.

First of all – I love her writings! I usually just skim over blog posts that might seem a little interesting but with hers, I actually read.
And I’m glad too, because I am very soothed by her words. Kerilyn has a very nurturing, supportive down-to-earth way about her that inspires a certain serenity and optimism.
It’s like a grounding gentle reality check… which is probably what makes her amazing at what she does.
 – Angie L. 

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