Jazmin Blais’ story

Ahh… another Summer officially comes to a close. I hope this season gave you plenty of opportunities to relax, grill out and kick back that will get you through, until the season returns again. Slowly, we will begin to incorporate our cooler weather attitude… reaching for warmer foods and beverages, as well as outerwear, as this year completes another cycle.

I’m constantly blown away at how willing the amazing women who are married to celebrated chefs and restauranteurs, are to be featured and participate in the monthly Q&A. They are a constant reminder to me that no matter how exponentially more intricate their lives might get as a result of their other halfs achievements, at the end of the day,  it’s about evolving and growing together as life changes.

This month featured lady is no exception. Most likely you have seen her husband both in print and on TV, or perhaps you’ve visited one of his handful of successful restaurants in the Atlanta,GA or Birmingham, AL area. Not surprisingly, her husband takes it all on in stride, managing the business, both current and future, his many TV and media appearances, all while he continues to soar. I get the sense that this restaurant couple use their natural sense of humor as a tool to get through the more complicated moments. As a mama of two girls, she graciously gives us a peek into her world.

I’m talking bout Jazmin Blais, wife to celebrated chef and restauranteur Richard Blais. Let’s hear Jazmins take on what it takes to make in this busy time of their lives.

What were your first impressions when you first realized that by being with your restaurant man/woman, that you have become a part of the restaurant world?

A. Well, I guess I was lucky in that I was already in the restaurant world when we met.  I bartended my way through graduate school and happened to apply at the restaurant where he was the chef.  Being a part of it already, I understood the hours and commitment it took to be successful.   I didn’t look too far into the future, I didn’t think about kids, marriage, etc.  I think if I had, I might have been a little scared of the depth and breadth of obligation the hospitality industry requires!  Richard and I always talk about how hard it is to be in the industry and have a family.  It’s a delicate balance.

When did you know that you had what it took, within the parameters of his/her career, to find success in your relationship?

A. Honestly, it takes constant work.  A relationship is like a garden and if you don’t pay attention to it, you never know what will pop up and takeover!  We continually find success, new ways to work together, to communicate and to grow together.  Life has changed a lot since we met, whether it was marriage, children, or television shows; we have had to constantly evolve and communicate for it to remain successful.

What is the BEST part of being married to someone in the restaurant industry?

A. The food of course!   Whether it is something he is cooking at home or dining out at a restaurant.  We eat very well!

How do you handle the holidays knowing he/she is going to be busy at work?

A. Luckily with some of the success Richard has achieved in his career, holidays are a little more off limits than they were when he was an executive chef.   Before, you just knew that he’d be working on holidays or if you were lucky, the restaurant would be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day so you’d have those 48 hours together.  Now,  we carve out a little time around those days—but even last year he had to fly to Hong Kong the day after Thanksgiving leaving me with a house full of people and (luckily) leftovers !

How has achieving acclaim and success, within the restaurant industry, changed your relationship?

A. Hopefully the success hasn’t changed our relationship— we are still the same people… just a lot busier now.

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