Get Togethers

I’m taking our mission on the road, baby!

That’s right! I’m hitting the streets to meet you where you are.

Local Gatherings of Significant Others

Part of the mission for Married to a Chef is to have regular get togethers with groups of significant others from all over the world.  A place to actually meet Other Halves in person, commiserate & share stories (perhaps over a glass of wine or margarita!) wrapping up with a coaching exercise, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and focused on your goals!

Saturday, October 20th – 1pm

Location: Rustico (Alexandria)

827 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.224.5051

Stay tuned to see where we show up next!

*If you would like to see a get together in your area, I would LOVE to coordinate with you!

Contact to inquire about how we can make that happen! (i.e schedule, logistics, cost) I can create a program best suited to your message ~ basically, to EMPOWER and UNITE US!