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Guest Post Writer Guidelines

By submitting an article to Married to a Chef, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Email with your subject.  Since we are a group of diverse women (and men!) with a common thread between us, subjects will vary accordingly. It is highly recommended that the topic remain significant to the MAJORITY of Significant Others out there.

2. You will receive response within 24 hours. If agreed upon, the topic of publishing date will be discussed. I will need your writing one week prior to publishing.  

3. Words: between 800-2400.

4. Please include a short 2-3 sentence bio, links to your site/twitter, and a photo of yourself or of your restaurant man/woman – family. (If the photo is professional, please include the photographer’s name and website if they have one. *Also make sure you have permission to commercially publish the photo from the original source.*

5. When you send in your submissions, please make sure all spelling and grammar is correct. I will do a general spell check to make sure nothing was missed, but all grammar needs to be correct prior to submitting.

8. If any substantial editing  is required or the writing seems off topic or potentially contraversial, the author will be notified beforehand to discuss next steps.

9. I do not claim to hold copyright ownership of the articles/artwork/photography on the website.

10. Once published, a link to the posting will be published on both Facebook and Twitter.

I look forward to hearing from you!

*** If you are interested in submitting your artwork or photography for future blog posts, be sure to read the guidelines above, and email a short blurb about yourself and your work, along with a link to the photo/artwork in question to