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March 5, 2011 in Coping

from Jen at Bits of Truth

Ain’t this the truth?

Life changes. Fast. We wake up each morning never truly knowing what we’re going to encounter. Wake up in a foul mood and then by the afternoon, you get some good news and suddenly you’re walking with a pep in your step! Or (boo) It could be the other way around… Wake up with a bluebird on your shoulder and by the end of the day you want to pull the covers over your head and demand a re-do. Ever have those kindsa days?

We’d bet a million dollars that you have. Like heading out to sea on calm waters and once you drop anchor, a storm comes in and you’re being tossed around. We never know what’s going to happen, and how we will handle it, until it does.

Same goes for our relationships. At every step of our life, we are constantly adjusting our desires and expectations to match our inner knowing of what direction we want to head. Making adjustments in that direction whenever new information comes in. In the evolution of being with your restaurant man or woman (yes, even if you’re married for 10 years with 3 children), we are constantly finding out more and more about our other half, discovering WHO they are as their life evolves and how we play a part in the direction their heading. This fact finding mission never ends. Who they are as a boy/girlfriend will shift as they become a husband or wife. Your spouse will DEFINITELY change when he/she becomes a parent. Priorities change. Our environment changes. Heck, YOU change and your other half will adjust to that change.

Who you were in the beginning of your relationship has changed. Even if it’s been just a few weeks or a few years. You’ve learned more, experienced more (perhaps grown more?) You have been made aware the difficulties that arise from being connected to someone in the restaurant industry. That information has helped you make decisions and from those decisions, actions are made. Can you handle it? Perhaps not? (Action: Stop here) Absolutely, Lets go! (Action: Collect $200 and pass go), Well, I’m not sure (Action: wait until you have more information)

With every decision you make, you are adjusting your sail. How do you feel about that?

Where do you want to go from here? What would happen if you TRULY began believing that YOU have the power to adjust your sail.. and make a decision that will affect the course in which you are heading. Being connected to someone in this industry; we know a lot of information up front (or relatively so) They are not around when most are, they’re most likely very passionate about what they do, they’re probably spontaneous and on the fly. This is good information, yes? What decisions you make with that information will lead you in one direction or another.

You are not at the whim of the wind. You can, right now.. take action with the information you have. And in that action is where your power lies. No decision you make is wrong or bad. It just leads you to a different trajectory.

Life will always give us surprises. Ups and downs. New challenges to meet and overcome. It’s up to us to remember that whenever those changes come.. we are not trapped. But powerful enough to know when to make adjustments.. and sail on.

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